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Entradas de pa categora ‘English’

Rafael Nadal.

This Nadal.
He’s got curly hair, brown eyes and one mouth.
He’s wearing a blue and black T-shirt,  a white headband and black tennis shorts.
He likes playing tennis.


This is Marge Simpson.
She’s yellow.
She’s got big eyes.                                                                                     
She’s got blue curly hair.
She’s wearing long, green dress.
She’s got a big mouth and a small nose.
She’s wearing a red necklace.
She’s wearing red heels.


Obelix is big and fat. He’ s got a big fan, a big body, big arms and small legs. He’ s got two small black eyes, a big nose, one mouth, ears and red-haired plaits. He’ s wearing a big, big, big trousers, shoes, bows and a helmet.

Fernado Alonso, Ingles.

He’s got dark hair. He likes cars. He’s got two eyes,  one nose, one mouth and two ears. He’s got two legs. He is  28 years old. He is from  Spain.