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Entradas de pa categora ‘English’


Pedro Rodriguez Ledesma is a football player. He plays in the F.C Barcelona. He has got 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 mouth, 2 legs, 2 arms, a neck , 2 feets and wavy  black hair. He´s wearing shorts, a red and blue t-shirt, blue and red socks and blue trainers. He likes playing football, listening [...]


This is  Lisa.
She ’s got black big eyes.
She’s got a small nose.
She’s got a small mouth.
She ’s wearing a red dress.
She’s yellow.
She’s 8 years old.
She likes studying.

Bob Esponja

He is Bob esponja,  he is squared and yellow.
He’s got  tie  and  trousers .
He’s  got  one   friend: Patrizio.
He  works   in  the   Kusti    crujiente

Ben Ten

Ben Ten has got green eyes, a big nose and a small mouth.
He’s got white and black t-shirt, green trousers and black shoes.
He hasn’t got blue trousers or moustache.