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Learning with Hundertwasser.


This new unit is about Hundertwasser. I have prepared this Slide presentation about the artist. Have a look and hope you like it!.

Let’s  see  some of his masterpieces…

3 Comentarios en “Learning with Hundertwasser.”

  1. #1 Néstor
    el 9 Feb 2010 a las 21:03 pm

    Nice slides!!
    I like very much Hundertwaser’s paintings. Wonderful colors and creative compositions.
    Surely we’ll work a lot about that :-)

  2. #2 Lucas
    el 10 Feb 2010 a las 18:18 pm

    Como hiciste eso. Guau.

  3. #3 Diego Bango
    el 11 Feb 2010 a las 22:14 pm

    Eso si que son obras maestras

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