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“Los cambios no son el resultado de la voluntad de los animales, sino de una ley de adaptación.”

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Learning with Darwin around the world: The dolphin.

It has got a long tail, two eyes, one mouth and fins. It hasn’t got legs, arms, ears or hair. It is grey. The dolphin lives in the sea.

It lives in water. It doesn’ t live on land. It is big and long. It eats fish, squids,  and seafood. It doen’t eat vegetables, chips, soup.

It is fast and intelligent. It  isn’t slow, small, or  human.

It has got fins, but it hasn´t got legs. It can swim, jump, do sounds. It can’t speak, walk, read,  or write. It has got one mouth and small teeth. It can swim, jump but it can´t walk.

It eats fish. It likes  playing.

By Olaya, Claudia and Carmen.

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